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August 2nd 2011

Glionna Mansell sole owner and producer of Organix Concerts

Toronto, Canada. Effective immediately, Glionna Mansell Corporation is the sole owner and producer of the yearly Toronto-based ORGANIX music festival. Gordon Mansell, President and Artistic Director of Glionna Mansell and co-founder of ORGANIX announces the resignation of William O’Meara from ORGANIX CONCERTS.

Bill and his creativity will be missed. He was the initiator of an idea that came to him after performing in a 2005 organ concert produced by Gordon Mansell. It was the success of that event and a mutual interest in the pipe organ that brought Bill and Gordon together in a partnership to showcase the magnificence of the pipe organ in a yearly month-long music festival. With the opening concert in ORGANIX 06 performed by Dame Gillian Weir, Organix has had a stellar list of world class performances from day-one. The festival has been an effective vehicle for presenting repertoire not normally heard or performed.

The ORGANIX festival will continue under the direction and management of co-founder, Gordon Mansell and Glionna Mansell Corporation. For more information regarding ORGANIX 12, please contact Gordon Mansell at or phone 416-769-5224, toll free, 877-769-5224.