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September 29th 2015

Organix Concerts - Broadcast Edition

Toronto, Canada. Gordon Mansell, president and artistic director of Glionna Mansell Corporation and ORGANIX CONCERTS INC. announced today the launch of a weekly radio broadcast that will be branded under the same name as its concert production company, ORGANIX CONCERTS. The broadcast will feature the world’s finest recorded performnces of organ music. Gordon Mansell, executive producer and host of the new show stated recently, [that] “...until now, there has been an obvious and intentional neglect by Toronto media of a very signifcant catalogue of music.” Mr. Mansell goes on to say; “...broadcasters have not fully appreciated the growing market of young people who are discovering the instrument nor the professional musicians who have chosen the organ as their instrument of choice.

This segment along with the usual classical music demographic is yielding results and the broad interest can actually be seen at organ concerts when young local and international artists are performing. Mozart referred to the organ as the King of Instruments for good reason. It is the largest musical instrument created by humans, it has the most dynamic tonal resources of all and in many respects, may be the most challenging to play. Nevertheless, there is a formidable library assembled from over 600 years of contributions from well known and lesser known composers. Contemporary composers continue to write for the instrument, making this a truly dynamic and relevant musical experience. For the student, the organ is a viable instrument worthy of study and developing a future with it.”


The weekly ORGANIX CONCERTS the broadcast edition will also feature interviews, guest co-hosts and community calendar of choral and organ events. The broadcasts will initially be Wednesday evenings from 8:00 to 9:00 on the 1610 AM frequency and live streamed at Gordon mentioned [that] “...getting in on the ground floor, so-to-speak will provide many opportunities to grow the audience and create a significant media footprint for organ and organ related music performances.”


Advertisers are welcome to get involved with this new project as it is unique in the Toronto media landscape and very economical. There is no other place in Toronto media focused on this growing market. While ads will be English for this show, ads may also be translated and communicated to the Spanish-speaking listener base on other shows being broadcasted from this station. The station is a Spanish language media enterprise, as such, advertisers may take advantage of the growing influence of the Toronto Latino community.

ORGANIX CONCERTS will cut through the clutter of “sameness” all too common in Toronto classical music programming. For a completely different classical experience, ORGANIX CONCERTS at 1610 AM will be the place to go every Wednesday night.

* * *

As a performing organist, Gordon Mansell has performed in Poland and Italy, including the Vatican and the Basilica churches of St. Ignatius Loyola in Rome and Holy Trinity in Florence. Since 2008, Gordon has been Music Director and Organist at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church in Toronto where he plays the world-famous Casavant organ, Opus 2805. This mechanical action organ is famous as a result of the authoritative DECCA recordings of Bach and Buxtehude performed and recorded by UK organist Peter Hurford. Gordon Mansell is also Executive Producer and Artistic Director of ORGANIX CONCERTS INC. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Glionna Mansell Corporation and has produced 10 seasons of organ concerts, featuring many of the world’s finest performers from Poland, Italy, France, USA and United Kingdom. He is also the Ontario dealer of the world’s most respected digital organ builder, Allen Organ Company. Gordon’s early music training was gained from the Royal Conservatory of Music and St. Michael’s Choir School. By the time Gordon was twelve years of age, he started his professional career as a church organist. Gordon holds has a Bachelor of Music (2006) and Master of Music degrees (2008) majoring in Organ Performance from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music.

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