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Pricing Guidelines

In considering a digital organ, the top priorities should focus on the quality of construction, availability of service, longevity of the product, and of course, tonal qualities of the instrument. With Allen instruments, your due diligence will be pleasantly rewarded. While Allen products must be competitive in terms of pricing, if your number one priority is acquiring an organ at the lowest price, then perhaps Allen is not the instrument for you at this time. The following may serve as a general guideline (Canadian dollars) in terms of a pricing within certain product ranges. Individual circumstances will require a detailed proposal. Installation, enhanced audio and speaker cabinets are extra, as are the many console finishes and features that are available for each model. Elite™ organs and theatre organs are individually designed and crafted. The Elite™ are custom instruments and pricing will vary widely depending on the unique specifications that you may create.

Please note: If you are reading this and not from the Ontario, Canada market, then please refer to your area dealer for a complete quote on your specifics. Each Allen dealer will have their own pricing strategy due to regional or local economic conditions that will include factors related to overhead, cost of labor, shipping and importing (if required), currency fluctuations and other unique circumstances.  

Chapel Product: Starting from approximately $ 20,000.00

The Chapel product line offers a basic two-manual, 23-stop instrument suitable for small chapels and homes. The two-manual product line then moves up to a 28 stop and a 33 stop console. The three-manual consoles include a 38 stop and a very impressive 50 stop instrument. A new Limited Edition Drawknob console is now available for CF-15 (33 Stop, two-manual) and CF-30 (38 Stop, three-manual) organs.

Protégé Product: Starting from approximately $ 25,000.00
The Protégé Series has significant advantages for the organist with its deluxe professional quality keyboard. The audio is also expandable, enabling flexibility for achieving the clarity and tonal reproduction of pipe-organ sound in a very convincing and economical way. Protégé models include a 27-stop two-manual L5 with a compressed pedal board. The two-manual product line also includes a 28 stop, 29 stop and 33 stop console. The three-manual instruments consist of the 38 stop L-321, the 50 stop L-331 or the 58-stop L-341. NEW: Protégé Series now includes two mechanical drawknob models, the 50 stop L-331 and the 58 stop L-341.

Renaissance Quantum Product: Starting from approximately $ 45,000.00

The Quantum Series are very familiar to organists acquainted with pipe organs, particularly Casavant Frères instruments. The mechanical drawknob consoles, the touch and the positioning of features are all designed to provide “creature” comfort and familiarity. The ability to customize the Quantum consoles makes this product line very popular and preferred by organists throughout the world. The series starts with a two-manual 37 stop Q265D and then a 45 stop Q285D. The three-manual product line starts with the 38 stop Q300D through to a 50 stop Q350D, 58 stop Q370D and then the 80 stop Q390D. The four manual instruments start with the 79 stop Q410D followed by the 87 stop Q470 and 128 or 136 stop Q485. The Diane Bish Signature Series includes: DB-36D, a 36 stop, two-manual console with a minimum 5 audio channels. The series then expands to DB-350, 50 stop, three-manuals with minimum 14 channel audio. This is followed by the DB-370, 58 stop, three-manuals and minimum 16 channel audio system. Finally, the DB-390, 80 stop, three-manual console has a minimum 24 channel audio. All models are offered with optional expanded audio systems, depending on the needs of the installation and preferences.

The Elite:
An Elite organ is a custom organ designed and built from the "ground" up. Each organ is given an opus number and is entirely customized.