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As the exclusive dealer for Allen Organ Company in Ontario, Glionna Mansell is able to provide the world’s finest organs for your special event. Allen organs continue to be the instrument or choice for some of the most demanding event organizers and organists throughout the world, including those responsible for the music at Papal events that have occurred over the past several decades.

Glionna Mansell has been the preferred supplier to St. Michael’s Choir School for their annual Christmas concert at Massey Hall. Our rental organs include a three-manual mechanical drawknob 38 stops instrument and a smaller two-manual 33 stop with stop tabs. Additionally and with a advance planning, we may also provide the very special Baroque Elite Opus IV. This is a hand crafted 30 stop two-manual concert instrument that takes its tonal character from an extant North German 18th century organ. The sound generated from this Elite organ represents what Bach likely would have heard when he helped design the original!

Organs for Rental Purposes

•    The three-manual Renaissance Quantum Q300C instrument has double audio meaning 8 HR-200 high performance speakers and 1 B-20 woofer.

•    The two-manual Protégé L226e instrument has 4 HR-200 high performance speakers and 1 B-20 woofer.

•    The Elite Opus IV has 24 speakers of varying sizes and needs a fairly large space to accommodate this configuration.

Please review the specifications as provided by the links to the Allen website. Once you have determined your preferred instrument, please fill-in the following information so that we may prepare a rental quotation for you.

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